Wedding Film School Partnership Program

Become a part of the Wedding Film School team by submitting content and helping out with various projects.  How to get started:

  1. Send us an email introducing yourself, why you want to join the program and what you plan on creating.
  2. We will respond back with suggestions on how to make your idea happen and be a success with subscribers on the channel.
  3. Create the video and share it privately with us for review.
  4. Once your submission is approved, we will decide how you can best be credited and compensated.
  5. We upload your video on the Wedding Film School YouTube channel.


To do list

  • Need someone to help manage the Wedding Film School Podcast.  Create a list of guests to have on the show, reach out to them and schedule recordings.
  • Create an official Wedding Film School LUT pack.  Figure out where best to sell them online.  Create and upload a commercial on the YouTube channel.
  • Develop a reoccurring Wedding Film School Q&A video series on YouTube.  Crowdsource answers to popular questions from subscribers and pros associated with the WFS brand.  Ask viewers to comment questions they have for the next episode.  Subscribers want to be a part of the series and will go out of their way to get the attention of whoever is picking the next topic.
  • Develop and produce a "spotlight" series that reviews unique wedding films, spotlights their creators and explains how they made them.  This series is halfway between podcast episodes and wedding film behind the scene videos.  There can be a lot of information packed into a single episode.  Celebrate uniqueness rather than critique objectively.  Pick one wedding film in the comments section of the previous WFS review video.  Reach out to the filmmaker for some insight into how they created the film.  Association with Wedding Film School brings notoriety within the wedding filmmaking community.  Ask subscribers to share a wedding film in the comment section below.  Place a single link to the wedding filmmaker’s website along with “shot with” affiliate links in the description.
  • Develop and produce a wedding day behind the scenes series that follows a wedding filmmaker as they prep, shoot and edit an entire wedding film.  This is the cornerstone of Wedding Film School content and what I've seen the most success with so far.  Showcase any sponsors included in production.  Place “shot with” gear affiliate links along with content.  Requires production budget: lodging, food, transportation, equipment rentals and freelance wages.
  • Develop an international tour of in-person small group workshops featuring wedding industry pros.  I'd like to start with smaller "pop-up" events in major cities but will shift toward retreats.  Hosted and promoted by WFS but features pros that have been associated with the brand.
  • Develop the profile for Wedding Film School.  Build gear kits based around all popular cameras used by wedding filmmakers of all experience levels.  Create curated kits based on pros associated with Wedding Film School.


General ideas for videos

  • Wedding couple react to different wedding films
  • Should wedding filmmakers use the knot?
  • Should wedding filmmakers use wedding wire?
  • Should wedding filmmakers boost ads on Facebook?
  • Facebook Boost vs Ad - Which is better for wedding filmmakers?
  • Do wedding filmmakers need a website?
  • Best CRM for wedding filmmakers
  • How to hire wedding video editors
  • Best music licensing libraries for wedding filmmakers
  • Top 10 songs to use in wedding film
  • How to prep the morning before a wedding shoot
  • What to expect at your first wedding film shoot
  • How to build a wedding filmmaking portfolio from scratch
  • How to edit wedding videos faster
  • What should you charge for your first, second and third wedding video?
  • When wedding filmmakers should say no to a couple
  • When should you increase wedding prices?
  • Should wedding filmmakers sell raw footage to couples?
  • Should wedding filmmakers accept online payments?
  • Best wedding filmmakers in the world
  • Working solo vs working with a second and coordination/planning shots beforehand
  • How to structure your packages and options
  • Advice for wedding couples from filmmakers
  • How to book your first wedding
  • How to book more weddings
  • How to book and shoot destination weddings
  • DJI Mavic Air review for wedding filmmakers
  • Behind The Scenes (Top Wedding Filmmakers)
  • What's in [Ray Roman's] Gear Bag?
  • (Top Wedding Filmmakers) - this could be paired with behind the scenes videos. Shoot both at once.
  • How To Find Second Shooters For Weddings
  • How to Network with Wedding Vendors
  • How to Book Your First 5 Weddings How To Book Your First 10 Weddings
  • Should You Shoot For National Wedding Companies?
  • How To Add More Revenue Streams As a Wedding Filmmaker
  • How to Market Your Wedding Film Company And Separate From The Competition
  • How to Edit Wedding Films (series)
  • How Many Weddings Should You Shoot A Year?
  • Wedding Filmmaker Luts Review
  • Wedding Film Reviews
  • How To Build Your Wedding Filmmaker Brand Online
  • Top 10 Biggest Wedding Filmmaker Mistakes
  • How to Upsell Wedding Add-ons
  • The Wedding Film Sales Process (Step by Step)
  • How to Speed Up Your Wedding Edit Workflow Continued
  • Gear Reviews Building A Wedding Film Studio From Scratch - series (Trent Madden shameless plug)
  • Should You Rent Cameras Before You Buy?
  • Should Wedding Filmmakers Advertise on The Knot?
  • 6 months in - Where is Kraig? (Kraig in control room pulling levers haha jk)
  • Why I'm A Wedding Filmmaker (Documentary?)
  • How I Turn Weddings Into Movies (Longer Doc Edit)
  • What gear do the top wedding filmmakers use?
  • The Wedding Videography Gear Starter Kit
  • The Top Wedding Filmmakers In The World (Power Rankings)
  • How To Create A Contract For Wedding Filmmakers
  • How To Keep Track of Your Video Leads
  • How to book a destination wedding (with travel fees)
  • How to not be a wedding videographer noob
  • Things Wedding Filmmakers Say...
  • How To Educate Brides On Wedding Films