90 Minute Consult

As wedding creatives we know that the art is why we got into this biz, but pretty soon we all realize that we have to become more than just artists, we are business owners. This is where coaching can come in so clutch. At Wedding Film School we have more than 30 years of industry experience and would love help out. Sign up below to a session and get started on your journey towards creating better art and taking control of your business! This 90 Minute session can encompass:
  • Film Critiques
  • Website and Branding Critiques
  • Pricing and Package Critiques
  • Business coaching
  • Marketing and Sales coaching
It doesn’t end at one session though. Your coach will send you a customized follow report with action steps designed to help you follow though. For those looking for more of a mentorship relationship, group and one-on-one monthly coaching sessions are available.


Jared Haskell

Wedding Film School Team: Jared

Jason McCutchen

Wedding Film School Team: Jason

Bobby Burns

Wedding Film School Team: Bobby