I’m currently sitting in a quaint New Hampshire hotel eating soggy eggs and overcooked hashbrowns. Today is wedding day on Lake Winnipesaukee. Its also my wife’s birthday.

It got me thinking about the life we lead and the sacrifices made to do what we do. Being the ugly step child of video production has never really bothered me. I’ve never minded being scoffed at by broke “real production people.” Frankly, I love events. I love the luxury market. I love being able to travel to beautiful places and provide a comfortable living for my family. What we get to do checks a lot of boxes for me.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been burt out or gone on “autopilot” for a long string of weddings.

Weddings are tough on almost every level. Feeling like a train hit you on Sunday morning is a stark reminder of how physically punishing wedding days can be. Monday morning emails from a bride who doesn’t like the left side of her face is a reminder of how hard our job is professionally. Most of all, being away from family on the weekends is the ultimate killer.

If you’re currently on the grind, I commend you. Know you’re not alone. Stay strong, stay in shape, and find ways to always bring yourself back to your center.

Stay Hungry,
– Jared

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